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Team Coaching


Teams are set up to draw on the collective strengths of every member to solve problems, bring about innovations and get results.

Unfortunately, many organisations tend to have the curse of ineffective teams. And this is often due to the fact that many teams are either created wrongly or have reached the limit of their capabilities as a result of poor team coaching.

When individuals in a team are not assessed and assigned roles based on their different qualities, they are bound to underperform. Why? This is because even high performing individuals can struggle to work together in a team.

So to get the best out of the teams in your organisation, they need to learn how to work together. And as a team leader who is probably overwhelmed by the collaboration issues in your team, it’ll definitely be tough figuring out a solution.

As a leadership coach who has managed several teams to peak performance, I can help guide your team to go beyond their current capabilities for outstanding performance through team coaching.

Through this Team coaching Nigeria program, I’ll provide the following and more:

  • Support every team member to define their purpose and strategic contribution to the group
  • Support the team to create its own development agenda that is owned by everyone on the team
  • Show the team how to work more effectively with high levels of complexity and change
  • Help the team to develop resilience in working under prolonged stress and pressure


With all of these capabilities imbibed in your teams, you are sure to achieve increased team performance over and above their previous and current results.

Let’s get your teams to shape now!

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