Austin Joseph

what i do for ORGANIZATIONs


Without results, achieving your business goals can be an uphill task. Whether you own your own business, or are in charge of a group of employees, you know how hard it can be to manage daily operations, while still striving to stay focused and grow your bottom-line.

But we both know that the last thing you want is for your organization to be tagged a failure.

It’s okay to feel you’re going in the wrong direction, or doing things the wrong way. But whats not acceptable is when you continue using these ineffective methods everyday.

As an entrepreneur and serial investor, I understand what it takes to lead a group of minds to achieve a specific organizational goal.

This is the knowledge and skill that has helped me grow a corporation worth millions of dollars. Its these same assets I’ve taught globally as a certified Coach with the John Maxwell Company.

And as a leadership coach for organizations who want to succeed, its the same knowledge, skills and guidance Id like to offer to your organization, so you too can experience maximum profits, and build a solid team worth leading.

Select any of the nine coaching programs below to get started on the right path, and with the right guidance.

Leadership Transformation Coaching

Only a few managers know how to make things happen in their organizations. Why? Because many are satisfied with half-baked results. And others don’t know how to get things done. Take this coaching program to become a more effective leader who achieves needed results in good time.

Goal Setting

Many organizations get stuck at specific cycles because those in charge don’t have the needed vision and guidance to facilitate growth. What do you do when you hit a roadblock? Get the guidance you need to keep your business ahead of your competition with this coaching program.

Employee Engagement Coaching

Getting people to work together happily to achieve a desired result can be challenging, especially when you don’t understand their personalities. With employee engagement coaching, you’ll discover the secret ingredients needed to understand and engage your employees the right way.

Leadership Assessment

Do you have the right mix of leaders at the helm of affairs? And if you do, is everyone utilizing their strengths to lead rightly and achieve business results? From my experience in working with different leaders over the years, I’ll help your organizational leaders channel their strengths towards maximum impact.

Relationship Coaching

For your organization to grow, you cant downplay the power of relationships. But where organizations get it wrong is ineffectively managing these relationships for business purposes. Discover how to be a master at relationship management with this coaching program.

Influencing Others for Peak Performance

Many leaders know how to influence their teams to work. But achieving peak performance is a skill that many don’t have. The good thing is its a skill that can be learned. Empower yourself with the ability and skill to transform your team into peak performers with this coaching program on influence.

Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

Every organization has goals. But unfortunately, these goals are only on paper and not in the hearts of those involved. The result? Nothing gets done. With the tools, guidance and resources available in this coaching program, you’ll have what it takes to set and get started on your organizational goals without delay.

Team Coaching

Working with a team goes beyond assigning tasks. Understanding the different personalities involved and where each person fits in also counts. But many leaders don’t know this. As a leadership coach, I’ll work with your team to help create the understanding and unity that gets results.

Strategy Retreat Coaching

There is always that time where organizational leaders get together to review progress. But this goes beyond analysing graphs and charts. By having the external view of a leadership coach, you’ll be able to ensure you’re headed in the right direction and have the guarantee of better results in coming months.

To get started now, you can fill the form on my contact page to apply for a free 15-minute consultation session where I’ll get on the phone with you to discuss your biggest struggles and the best way to solve them.