Austin Joseph



How much money will influence everyone in your organisation for peak performance? While you may try to answer that question, remember that as a leader, your organisation is always on a budget.

For every amount you spend, you have an expected ROI. However, getting back the expected ROI typically involves effectively managing people and efficiently managing money, materials, machines and minutes.

But people are the most difficult of all to manage for peak performance. How then do you get people to work at their best?

You influence them.

Knowing how to influence people to become peak performers is the most important ability every business leader must possess.

This is because everyone at your organisation has different skills, strengths and weaknesses and is motivated by different things. Understanding and leveraging on those little differences makes all the difference.

So, how much money will influence everyone in your organisation for peak performance? No amount of money alone will, and even if it could, your business cant afford it.

Regardless of how much money I’ve been able to make for my organisation in the past decade, as a Leadership coach, I understand the power of influence and how you can use it to motivate your employees, no matter how many they are.

After a series of coaching sessions, you will be empowered with skills on how to:

  • Help employees see whats in the organisations vision for them
  • Earn employees trust and respect
  • Discipline employees and still get the best from them
  • Manage employee expectations and perceptions
  • Become a boss, mentor, coach and team player to your employees for peak performance
  • Use money (financial reward) to motivate employees for peak performance

With those abilities under your belt, you’re sure to become the biggest influencer in your organisation.

To get started now, you can fill the form on my contact page to apply for a free 15 minute consultation session where I’ll get on the phone with you to discuss your biggest struggles with leadership and the best way to solve them.