The strategy review period in an organisation is that time when leaders withdraw from the day-to-day running of the business to sit together and go over what is working and what isn’t working in the organisation.

That sounds like a brilliant idea, right? It is!

Unfortunately, many organisational leaders tend to embark on strategy retreats with unfocused agendas, wrong expectations, and people asking the wrong questions. As a result, they come off with a sense of lost opportunity and rehashed plans rather than growth-focused strategies.

That’s aside from the irrelevant issues that come up at such retreats which only eat up time and take away attention from the real work required.

But that shouldn’t be the norm. Your Strategy Retreat coaching Nigeria can actually be a very productive meeting with focused strategies that will help shape the direction and performance of your organisation. It goes beyond analysing graphs and charts; it begins with having the right coordination, perspective and direction.

That’s where I come in.

As a leadership coach, I’ve realized that one reason for unproductive retreats is when everyone involved, from facilitator to team players has a biased view. However, with my external perspective, you’ll come out of your strategy retreat with the following:

  • A viable strategy capable of taking your organisation to the next level
  • An understanding of how to address and solve the complexity of your issues when they arise
  • A strategy that, when implemented, would outsmart your competition
  • A sense of fulfillment from time well spent

With my years of invaluable experience managing my business successfully and sitting on the board of several others, I have first-hand knowledge and transferable expertise on:

  • How to set the agenda and get the right people to the strategy retreat
  • How to assess and re-calibrate strategy
  • How to get everyone to contribute and own the organisational strategy

I can’t wait to provide my support in your strategy retreat planning and execution.