Questions like:
Which career direction will be good for me to have a financially rewarding and socially relevant life?
Should I quit my job and pursue my passion?
I have no business or investments of my own, how do I survive if I lose my job?
I’ve started a new job but the job has nothing to do with my education, how do I build a successful career of it?
I’m an experienced professional but some things just don’t feel right. How do I make a difference in my field?
Perhaps you’re even having these same thoughts.

If you’re at the verge of making a life-changing career decision, don’t wait to get it right a second time out. You can get it right the first time, right away!


Discover your natural gifts and abilities
Hone your talents into skills and match them with the right career path
Become focused and passionate about your work and career life
See what you can get from your chosen career 5 years from now and how to get there
Overcome your frustrations and kick out the one thing stopping you from becoming a star in your field
Defeat mediocrity so you can have an excellent career
But I can only help you get from where you are to where you want to be if you’d let me. You can take advantage of my experience in starting a career from almost nothing to sitting on the board of several organisations today.

I’d love to help you succeed in your career too!
To get started now, you can fill the form on my contact page to apply for a free 15 minute consultation session where Ill get on the phone with you to discuss your biggest struggles with leadership and the best way to solve them.




Managing people and resources effectively and efficiently is a tough job. You know it, and that is why you secretly or openly admire effective leaders around you.

Now the buck stops with you and all you see are your inadequacies: your inability to build strong relationships; influence people; manage perceptions and so on.

You want to be better, but for some reason, others still consider you an ordinary person unfit for the extraordinary task of effective leadership. Perhaps you even think some people are born effective leaders.

Well the good news is, you can be better! No one was born an effective leader, effective leaders are made! They become who they are by continuously grooming their leadership skills.
As a leadership coach, I’d love to help you hone your leadership skills so you can become an effective leader. I’ll show you how to:
Develop a vision for the future
Build strong relationships
Influence people
Manage perceptions
Find that elusive work and life balance
Identify and implement effective staff development
Deal with conflict
Develop an effective leadership style.

“I’ll partner with you to achieve set goals and more”.

So, you’re not on your own. Consider me your backroom thinking ally. Together, we will go over the facts from all your activities and Ill share with you insights to help you achieve maximum impact.

Clear perspective of your progress to becoming and effective and successful leader
Insight into what you are doing right and how to get better results every time
Your score on priority setting and time management and how to improve
Productivity and effectiveness assessment
A push towards sustained behavioural change to becoming the leader you admire

Why not take your first step to becoming the leader you admire.
To get started now, you can fill the form on my contact page to apply for a free 15 minute consultation session where I’ll get on the phone with you to discuss your biggest struggles with leadership and the best way to solve them.





As one of Nigeria’s most respected business growth experts backed by over a decade of business and strategy retreat meeting coaching experience, I will get you the results you desire. Using world-class success methodologies in leadership development, execution of goals, and strategies to improve all aspects of your business, my transformational leadership and personal insight will help you create functional, joyful workplaces.

Assess your business and help you improve leadership and performance
Go over your mission statement and vision
Help you clarify goals and implement strategies to attain them
Assist you with time management
Get you to the root cause of low productivity and make the necessary changes for change
Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, start-up, or large corporation, as an executive coach, I proudly offer tailored and transformational leadership solutions to suit you.

By working together, I’ll help you unleash your potentials and empower you to be your best, so you can create wiser goals and get the support you need to move forward towards achieving those goals. Click the button below to learn more about how to get started.

What you need is business results, and as a leadership coach, we’d get to the root of your challenges, increase your leadership potential and give you the support and accountability you need, so you can experience real growth. Click the button below to get started.


Sacrifice and Greatness


Sacrifice and Greatness: I remember having to give up my mattress to launch out in business. We had received an order for the supply of 4 pieces of shackles from one of our clients and it was going to cost NGN4,000 to have the products delivered to them. Neither I nor the company had NGN4,000 anywhere. I was putting up with a friend at the time as I had been evicted from my house. I had no way of getting the money so I had to sell my mattress and a couple of other things to raise the NGN4,000. I actually had NGN14,000 from the sale of the things so I could supply the products and still have an extra NGN10,000 for general running around and operational purposes. This is how JC International was able to get her first major deal executed. Today, we are a multi-million-dollar company but it came from letting go of my comfort and delaying gratification.

This story is largely the same for everyone who has gone on to do great things in life, you can hardly ever get into true greatness without having to sacrifice something, especially things that will affect your comfort as a person.

Sacrifice indeed is a prerequisite for Greatness.


Leadership They Believe In


After believing in people and getting them on board, they will have to believe in you. This is the crux of effective leadership. People will only follow those they believe in. For them to believe in you, you will have to prove to them that not only do you know where you are headed, but you have found the best route to that destination. Anyone can follow an already created path with the right instructions (that is, steer a ship), but not just anyone can create that path.

It is one thing to be able to chart a course but it is another for people to be willing to follow you through it to the envisioned destination. A few things are key to making people believe in you. The first is direction. They will need to not just hear, but see that you not only know where you are headed, but you know the route there. The second is, they will need to see that you are more than willing to go alone if they do not want to follow and the third is, that you are not afraid or unwilling to make sacrifices in making sure everyone gets there together safely. When people see these things, it imprints on their minds, beyond mere words, that you are a leader worth following.

True leadership is not just about being able to take people through an already mapped out path, but being able to take people to an envisioned destination with no path until you created it.


Reach Your Full Potential with Leadership and Career Coach in Nigeria


Have you ever been accused of not trying your best?

I have, and sometimes, that statement can either pull you down or cause you to strive harder.

Being the best you can be requires a lot of hardwork, dedication and guidance. These are elements that most people dont have.

The result? They end up living mediocre lives with zero impact.

But that shouldnt be the case with you!

Regardless of your University degree, or your present place of work, by acquiring the right knowledge and receiving the right guidance from a Career Coach who has your best interests at heart, there’s no height you can’t reach.

As a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, I went on to build a very profitable career in the Oil and Gas industry, learning and applying several career development principles along the way.

And presently, my firm, which now employs over 1000 people, is fast becoming one of the most respected in Africa. And all that is partly due to the relationships I built, the goals I set and the Leadership principles I learned for the past 16 years.

So your future can be so much better

As a Leadership Coach, I believe you too can be the leader you were born to be. Afterall, leaders are made.

If you’re ready to reach your full potentials in your career and life, look through the different sections below.

Leadership Coaching

Managing people can be tough. And leading yourself to take the right decision is even harder. As a leadership coach, I’ll help you dig deep to understand your leadership traits, so you can arm yourself with the right knowledge and leadership skills to make the right decisions and lead others.[button url=”leadership-transformation” target=”_self” style=”normal”]Learn More[/button]

Goal Setting

Most people don’t know how to set goals. And for those who do, they don’t follow through with them. The unfortunate result of this is it takes longer to achieve those dreams. Get goal setting right from the onset and leverage my support to help you achieve them in the smallest time possible.[button url=”goal-setting” target=”_self” style=”normal”]Learn More[/button]

Relationship Coaching

To grow, you need people in your life. But sometimes it gets tough keeping in touch with those important and difficult relationships. With relationship coaching, you’ll become master at relating with people and discover how to leverage your relationships for maximum progress.[button url=”relationship-coaching” target=”_self” style=”normal”]Learn More[/button]

Career coaching

One of the biggest questions most people find hard to answer is, What do I want to do with my life? Knowing the right career path and following through with it isn’t an easy decision. To have a profitable career, leverage this coaching service so you get the guidance you need to excel.


What is Your Motivation for Success


Dear Friend,

I trust the week has been great for you?

Today, I want to ask you what I consider a very important question, one that has the potential of determining how successful you will be in your career or business.

What is your motivation for success?

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