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Empire Leadership Coach: I’m Austin Joseph, a Certified Leadership Coach for Individuals and Organisations. I’m on a mission to help professionals achieve the business and lifestyle results they want so they can manage teams better, earn more money and lead an empire that’s changing the world.

“Over the years, I’ve been able to build a multi-million dollar empire, using leadership and career development principles that helped me manage teams better, earn more money, and create a lifestyle that inspires others.”

As an experienced leadership and career coach, through detailed one-on-one coaching, I’d like to help you implement these same principles in your life and business.

I help teams on their leadership and career paths so they get it right and be the best they can be.”

Leadership is not only a leader complete with few factors when he has all the technical excellence, knowledge, and resources to achieve the desired outcome. But in leadership, you not only need practical training, but you also need something much more personal and involved, which is leadership coaching. Do you know what Leadership coaching in Nigeria is? Well, it is a development process that is compensated in the partnership of individual and coach. You might be thinking that why we have mentioned about coach again and again in the article.

So the answer for that is the coach play a vital role, the coach is a friend, helper, and sometimes enemy during the training. Empire leadership in Nigeria removes the obstacles that stand in the way of the leader attaining their goals. This can be achieved by questioning and deep listening. Being a coach is not as easy as a coach has to take care of many things. The coach has to make an exact distance of objectivity and help the leader gradually work through whatever is in the way of achieving the objective.

A coach does not get their problems solved by any other coach. They are much experienced, so they are their coaches. Being a coach is not an easy task, but a coach must be balanced with strictness and care nature. A coach is a perfect psychologist, also. A coach helps the leader under him make himself an independent, robust, and emotionally controlled person. A coach who gives Leadership coaching in Nigeria is a true friend who clarifies and crystallizes the goal and aids the individual in finding their solution and committing to the action that will move the goal forward.

While you start with zero levels the Entrepreneurial Coaching Nigeria is there till you achieve your desired goal, even if you fail in between a coach is the most exceptional mentor who is always by your side to accept you as the real gem he has and shows you the path toward the light when you are in complete darkness.

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Austin Joseph is very inspiring to me and I’m very lucky to have had the chance to work with him. Now that Austin has built several successful businesses, he is turning his attention to helping others. I admire his integrity, his vision for his company and for the success of others and the knowledge he has gained from his valuable experience.”

Heather Ahlburn Emerick

Austin is a Leader, a people Manager, a Mentor who won’t just leave you alone after making you but will PUSH you on to greater achievement through hard work and determination with a Never-say-Die, Can-Do spirit. Austin is a gifted Public Speaker and motivator. I’m proud and blessed to have known Austin.”

Emmanuel Akogwu

I needed an executive coach to help me with personnel development and succession planning in my organization. Austin is a high-performance, results-oriented coach. Austin helped me navigate through a number of possibilities I had thought about but never fully understood. I wholeheartedly recommend Austin as an Executive Coach.”

NamMike Ikona,



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