Sacrifice and Greatness

Sacrifice and Greatness: I remember having to give up my mattress to launch out in business. We had received an order for the supply of 4 pieces of shackles from one of our clients and it was going to cost NGN4,000 to have the products delivered to them. Neither I nor the company had NGN4,000 anywhere. I was putting up with a friend at the time as I had been evicted from my house. I had no way of getting the money so I had to sell my mattress and a couple of other things to raise the NGN4,000. I actually had NGN14,000 from the sale of the things so I could supply the products and still have an extra NGN10,000 for general running around and operational purposes. This is how JC International was able to get her first major deal executed. Today, we are a multi-million-dollar company but it came from letting go of my comfort and delaying gratification.

This story is largely the same for everyone who has gone on to do great things in life, you can hardly ever get into true greatness without having to sacrifice something, especially things that will affect your comfort as a person.

Sacrifice indeed is a prerequisite for Greatness.


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