Are you having a hard time getting things done on time and for the right cost in your organisation?

Goal setting goes beyond reeling out targets to your employees, against which you assess their performance at the end of the week or month. While that is good practice, it is still not enough to get things done.


Many times, targets are only a means to achieve a goal, and not the goal in itself. Targets are good on paper but goals require more than a few figures spelt out on paper.

Unfortunately, this is where many organisations miss it. They have their goals on paper alone and not in the hearts of those involved. So team members don’t have a sense of ownership towards these goals.

In effect, nothing gets done or things get done wrongly and at a very high expense.

You can change all that and get things done the right way in your organisation through my coaching sessions on goal setting and getting things done.

With the tools, guidance and resources available in this coaching program, you’ll have what it takes to…

  • Set and get started on your organizational goals without delay
  • Turn your organisational goals into passion in the hearts of those involved
  • Set achievable targets to accomplish your goals in the shortest time possible
  • Evaluate goals and set better ones.

Goal setting and motivating a team of people to get things done doesn’t have to be so difficult. Id love to help you get it right, every time!

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